【LIVE】京都駅前バス乗り場ライブカメラ(京都市観光協会公式)/Kyoto Station Bus Terminal, Kyoto Live camera


3密回避に役立つ京都観光快適度マップ https://ja.kyoto.travel/comfort/

錦市場           https://youtu.be/wuC8wRvXock
嵐山 竹林の小径      https://youtu.be/Op-lf2NRMzs
嵐山 渡月橋北詰      https://youtu.be/jqtsC5BYlIk
伏見稲荷大社付近      https://youtu.be/pgqwfZj9HPY
北野天満宮付近       https://youtu.be/KHglGodzQ9g
哲学の道          https://youtu.be/S6IkZhhwG4A
京都駅バス乗り場      https://youtu.be/v9rQqa_VTEY
ねねの道          https://youtu.be/Gxt3YCa2Phc
京都駅八条口タクシー乗り場 https://youtu.be/CO_ZjH6N7RE 
花見小路          https://youtu.be/PXg3ZXgMkGk


We provide live streaming so that visitors can check real-time images of sightseeing spots in Kyoto City and avoid crowded times.
Kyoto Travel Congestion Forecast https://global.kyoto.travel/en/comfort/

Now available at the following 10 locations.
Nishiki Market           https://youtu.be/wuC8wRvXock
Saga-arashiyama Bamboo Forest  https://youtu.be/Op-lf2NRMzs
Saga-arashiyama Togetsukyo bridge https://youtu.be/jqtsC5BYlIk
Fushimi-Inari Taisha https://youtu.be/pgqwfZj9HPY
Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine https://youtu.be/KHglGodzQ9g
Philosopher’s Path https://youtu.be/S6IkZhhwG4A
Kyoto Station Bus Terminal https://youtu.be/v9rQqa_VTEY
Nene no michi(Nene Street) https://youtu.be/Gxt3YCa2Phc
Kyoto Station Hachijo Taxi Staiotn https://youtu.be/CO_ZjH6N7RE 
Hanamikoji-Street         https://youtu.be/PXg3ZXgMkGk

*The filmed images are distributed at a reduced resolution to protect personal information.
It will not be used for any purpose other than to disseminate information leading to sightseeing that avoids congestion, and the data will not be stored.
Delivery may be temporarily suspended due to system malfunctions.
The delivery will be restored in a few hours, so please allow some time for access.